Silsilafication – The YouTube Pwnage of Kerala

Disclaimer: Viewing videos given in this post may cause brain damage, insanity, Hulk Disease or all of these. You know the drill: Watch at your own risk. I am not responsible. Also, knowledge of Malayalam is not a pre-requisite. Mediocrity knows no language.

Everyone knows there are a lot of things wrong with Kerala. But now in addition to Dengue, Chikungunya, Viral fever and Communism, there seems to be a new malaise making the rounds, infecting the hallowed socialist population of Malluland: Silsilafication. A total new generation disease, Silsilafication is the new generation pwnage of Kerala and Malayalam, where socially challenged Mallus create wierd videos which will contain a sort of music, dance, themselves and any such content which any sane person will not be able to watch without being scarred for life, and display said creations on YouTube. With each such video, Malayalam and Kerala die a little. All you need to execute said pwanage are: A video camera, sound mixing equipment, general rhino type skin, total absence of any social liability and YouTube. Sad.

This ‘Silsilafication’ came to light with the famous backside busting creation named ‘Silsila’. In the very unlikely case of you having missed this, lose your mind here. It took the internet world by storm and showed how #FAIL can achieve depths which were previously unknown of. What in the name of MPEG4 has driven God’s own countrymen to this?

Well, ‘Silsilafication’ was a gradual process. With exposure to ‘cool’ and ‘rocking’ people and content from all over India and the world, some of us Mallus suddenly realized that we lag a bit in modern-ness compared to the ‘cooler’ regions of the world. Oh hell no! We too need to make them realize that we are modern too (nammalum modern aanu) and permafrost-busting cool! And what can show coolness more than a music video!

How to make a Silsilafied video: Write songs that you will be absolutely sure dont make any sense at all, make some banal noise trying to sing, generate general cacophony (music), rope in some ‘supporting’ characters, shake parts of body back and forth, mix all of these together and make a general fool out of yourself. There you have it! Silsilafication, pwnage! As shown below:

It looks like people who create these things have absolutely no clue that:

1. They are totally making fools out of themselves (in public)

2. Rhinocerous-skin-toughness is not a virtue. No.

3. Mixing Malayalam with English and western music does not make it ‘rocking’, but on the other hand, rather retarded.

The public who is unfortunate enough to see it though,

Let me present defore you, some tardy examples of Silsilafication:

Lakka Lakka

‘Lakka Lakka’, is unfortunately not inspired by Rajnikanth. This, even though a straight lift, is NOT a spoof on Shakira’s Waka Waka World Cup song, but on the other hand very serious stuff which the producers somehow thought would bring Malayalee and Indian pride to the World Cup table. However, the, uh, ‘danseuse’ and retarded lyrics and burping and all have managed to achieve the exact opposite.

Mallu Rap

Uber-cool Mallus Rap. Yeah! What is cooler than that? However, by rapping here we mean: suffer from a verbal diarrhea of the words ‘Yo’, ‘Come On’, ‘Yeah’, ‘Aha’, add some incomprehensible nasal grunts in between these, quite an amount of disc-scratching, present yourself as a total gangsta type and generally try to become Tupac or 50 cent, falling flat on your face at the same time. Here is a guy: To be fair, it could have been really good. But.

Feel free to serach for more stuff like these.

All content used here are property of their original owners. No, I insist. Any attempt to put these creations on my head will result in serious legal problems.

I would like to add: these creations might be the result of a lot of labor by those who created them. Appreciate that. but, please understand that you are doing it wrong. You could be very well off leaving it to the professionals. The right professionals. Please spare us.

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