BMTC Bus Passes, Rates, Fares

Details about the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) fares, passes and charges for Ordinary, Pushpak, Marcopolo, (Vajra) Volvo and Airport Volvo buses, public transport in Bangalore City.

BMTC point-to-point fares have been reduced with effect from Sunday January 11 2015. However, there is no reduction in any monthly pass charges.

BMTC Monthly Bus Passes for Unlimited Travel

Monthly passes enable the pass holder to travel unlimited “travel-as-you-wish” trips from anywhere to anywhere as he/she wishes during one calendar month (1st of the month to last day of the month) on the buses of the specified class the passes are valid for. The passes are to be purchased at the beginning of every month. There are a number of types of monthly passes which are differentiated on basis of the types of buses they are valid on. Monthly pass fares will differ according to the type of bus it is eligible on. The types of and rates for all BMTC Monthly passes are given below:

BMTC Ordinary Monthly Pass:

Enables users to travel unlimited trips as one wishes on all black board (routes are written in black on the board – on buses with route numbers 1 to 199) unlimited for the calendar month it is purchased for. Not vaild on Pushpak, C, D, G, K etc (old cost Rs.725).

BMTC Monthly Pass Cost for Ordinary City (Black Board) Services: Rs. 825 

BMTC Non-AC Monthly Pass:

Enables the user to travel unlimited trips as one wishes on all Non-AC buses including black-board, red-board, Pushpak, C, D, G, K, MBS etc. for the month it is purchased. Basically it is valid on any bus that is not a Volvo or a Marcopolo. Popularly known as “Pushpak Pass” or Red Board Pass. It is not valid on Volovs (old cost: Rs.925).

BMTC Monthly Pass Rate for all Non-AC Services (Pushpak/Red Board): Rs. 1050

BMTC AC (Volvo) Monthly Pass:

This pass is generally used to travel on Volvo Buses and is known as the “Volvo Pass”, though it is valid on all buses including non-AC buses. It enables the user to travel unlimited trips from anywhere to anywhere on all buses run by the BMTC except the Green Airport bound BIA Volvo services (Vayu Vajra) for one calendar month. It is valid on all Ordinary Non-AC, Pushpak and all Volvo routes as long as the bus is run by BMTC (and not by KSRTC). There are three types of monthly Volvo passes:

BMTC Volvo Monthly Pass Cost (with BMTC ID): Rs. 2250 (Brown Pass)

BMTC Volvo Monthly Pass Rate (with Govt ID): Rs. 2300 (Pink Pass)

Cost of BMTC Students Volvo Monthly Pass: Rs. 1500 (Blue Pass)

BMTC Vayu Vajra Gold Pass:

The king of all passes which enables the user to travel any number of trips on all buses and services run by the BMTC for any distance, right from the ordinary city bus to the Airport Volvo.

BMTC Vayu Vajra Airport Volvo Monthly Pass Price: Rs.3350

BMTC Daily Passes for Unlimited Travel

Daily passes are the most economical and hassle-free way to travel in BMTC buses in Bangalore. These passes enable unlimited trips from anywhere to anywhere on the class of buses which the pass is eligible for during the one entire day it is purchased. The pass is valid midnight to midnight, so buy it as early in the morning as possible. Passes will be available with the conductor on the bus. There are two types of Daily passes:

AC (Volvo) Gold Day Bus Pass

The daily pass enables the user to travel unlimited trips on the day it is purchased on ALL buses run by the BMTC  including all regular Volvo services and all types of non-AC services. This pass is not accepted on BIA Vayu Vajra Airport services. The pass is available mostly with Volvo bus conductors.

Volvo Gold Daily Bus Pass Rate: Rs. 140

There is no Daily Pass for Vayu Vajra Airport Volvos.

Non-AC Unlimited Travel Day Bus Pass

This is the most popular pass on the BMTC network and enables travel on all non-AC buses operated by the BMTC, unlimited trips from anywhere to anywhere in Bangalore or outside.

Non-AC Ordinary Daily Bus Pass Charge (with ID): Rs.65

Non-AC Ordinary Daily Bus Pass Charge (without ID): Rs. 70

There was a time when Volvo monthly passes used to cost just Rs.1000. They used to cost Rs.1950 and Rs.2000 respectively before the latest rate hikes. Now they have been increased by a whopping 300 Rupees. The Airport Volvo passes used to cost Rs.2800 before the hike and is increased by Rs.250 now. But still, these are hugely economical alternatives for travel in Bangalore considering the fuel prices prevalent today. You can still save a lot on Petrol/Diesel if you commute on BMTC (Volvo) buses over using your car, especially if you travel long distances everyday.

How to get BMTC Passes and BMTC ID:

New passes will be available with the Conductor/Driver of the bus and at all bus stations and big stops in Bangalore from the 28th to the 5th of every month.

The BMTC ID can be procured from Majestic (KBS) and Shivajinagar Bus Stations from the pass issuance counters. Here is the procedure to obtain it at Majestic. You will need a pen, two passport size photos, a gumstick (preferred) and Rs.100.

  1. Go inside the main lobby at BMTC Majestic bus station (at Platform 1, where the Volvos stop)
  2. Go to the “Information Help Desk” and ask for the ID application form.
  3. Fill up the application form and paste your photo in the space provided.
  4. Go outside to the other side (left) of the lobby facing the road, and you will find a row of counters. Go to the counter marked “1050”, hand over the application and Rs.100 and request for an ID card.
  5. The official sitting there will give you a blank ID card.
  6. Fill in all the details in the ID and paste your photograph. Don’t forget to sign on the ID card.
  7. Go back to the same counter and hand over the filled ID card. The official will countersign and stamp it with a BMTC seal.
  8. Next, you will have to go back inside the lobby and take the stairs there to the first floor. A guy will be sitting at a desk with a laminating machine. Hand over your card to him and he will laminate it (for free).
  9. Your BMTC pass is ready! If you want, you can buy a pass holder for Rs.10 from the shops there.

Happy Commuting! :)

For more details, visit BMTC’s (state of the art) website: My BMTC