Meh. Yes, Me. Thank You :)

This page should be something on the lines of the interview question: “Tell me something about yourself”, right? I consider that the stupidest open ended question ever, and could never answer that question to the satisfaction of the questioner. Not in the manner that that they thought wouold make any sense, atleast. But this is not an interview. So I can ‘be myself’ (another one of those hated cliches) and answer what I want! Ha! So here goes:

Well, I travel all over the World, First Class only of course, I spend my summers chilling in Monaco, the Spanish Riviera and snorkeling off the Bahamas. In the winters I go skiing on the Alps and in Aspen. I party in Ibiza, Bali and Rio year round, and count all the ‘beautiful’ party people among my pals. I love to take my Lamborghini Gallardo or Bugatti Veyron for a spin on the slopes of the Pyrenees. I love to spend quiet evenings in Paris at a side walk cafe by the Seine sipping a Charbonnay and smoking a Cuban. My favorite shopping destinations are Zurich, Tokyo, Singapore and New York City. Oh, and I spend many nights splurging in the Casions of Las Vegas, Cape Town and San Marino.

Well, Not Really. I live in Bangalore, earn my daily bread and booze spending most of the year in a cubicle staring at the screen of a Dell laptop laboring for a medium-size IT company, make just enough dough to pay the rent and bills, shop at Spar, drive a banged-up car and to get stuck in traffic just like everyone else. So I am no different from you and your life. LOL! Oh I love Football. And Movies. And observing stupidity (of course). But hey, it feels good to think that you live and earn to support all those politicians and their kids, business tycoons and their rich kids, filmstars and their kids, and other assorted useless people.

Somethings I DONT do: follow cricket religiously, follow Bollywood ‘stars’ at all, watch Hindi movies without getting a proper review, listen to my parents, get up early in the morning and so on.

That done, would thank you in taking time to go through content I dish out. Appreciated.


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Thank You! Keep checking back :)


Oh, you live in Bangalore. Interested in coming and facilitating the class with me?! :-D


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Just came on here to tell you that I actually deleted my twitter, no other motives/blocks/hate messages/etc. But on that note, loved your “About me”! =)


Thank you! :) But why the Twuicide? Anyways I have started going through your blog. Real good! :) Rest avide kaanam! :)

His Hollowness

Oye. Soopar! :mrgreen:


Thank you, O Brother!

El Presidente
El Presidente

Sorry to start off with a negative comment :) Just love your writing. Will definitely follow you henceforth.


Thank you for the kind words! :) And Mr. Javaz can go ____. Anyways who cares, I know good work gets plagiarised :)

Thanks again for the comment, Mr. President :)


Well, as I am new visitor to your corporate office, let me introduce my self. Errr ehhh… the likes are many, let me easily quote somethings i dont bother at all : follow cricket religiously, follow Bollywood ‘stars’ at all, watch Hindi movies without getting a proper review, listen to my parents, get up early in the morning and so on

Ergh! Does it sound similar to someone called Badukkoose….Oh sorrry, Vadakkus?

Hehheee..just kidding toms. Your blog is soo good. Keep the good work up. Meet you in some red carpet shows, preferably Nobel Award Ceremony. ;)

Good luck!


Welcome Welcome!! Hope you have enjoyed your stay at our offices! Glad to find a fellow non-believer :)

Yea, Badukkoose does sound familiar. In fact, many people call me that.

Thank you for the god words *blushes*! Will do! Hopefully the award recipient will be you, though :)

Haritha Nair

Oh well. If I am the recipient, I will definitely talk to the press about you and your soothsaying. Anyways, Paul’s chair is still vacant, lol!


Hi Vadakkus,

just came to you blog from rediff’s article,

nice to see a fellow mallu writing so well.

enjoyed reading some of your posts.



Stumbled upon the chetan conundrum searching for Chetan Woodworks in Bangalore. Had a good laugh and shared it with others who ‘love’ CB. :D Off to read the rest of your articles :)


Pure awesomeness. cant help but ‘like’ (fb). A rare rocking new age Indian.

Viraj Motegaonkar

oh man! your awesome.. read your all rail stories ..wish i could write like you .. keep up the good work

Nandyala Raveedra

u are awesome man what sort of intellectual understanding u have got super simply super

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