Credit Cardology Part 3 – Use and User Lifecycle (Chart)

The Use and User of Credit Cards – Lifecycle

Lifecycle of a Credit Card user. Funny Infographic

Click on the chart to enlarge, uh, view the chart in a larger screen.

Hey, it is easy! You will be screwed any which way. This is the kind of chart you were not taught in IIM (Or any other ‘B-School’). This is real-life management, baby! Infinitely more useful than all that jargon they stuffed down your throat! Oh and if you haven’t yet, recommended reading Part 1 and Part 2. (Click on blue to read). More coming soon in Part4! Stay Tuned.

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Very amusing.

I was interested to note that you did not include in one of your final options “try and set up a blog that might make you some money”


Hi, Thanks for reading!

Well, I did consider it, but I dont think I could write well enough to make THAT much money in the given timelines ;)


Hilarious and sad at the same time!

I will be facilitating a class on money management to a bunch of children from lower economic backgrounds. Could I use this chart, please? Shall give you credit and I don’t get paid/make any money, so no commercial use. The only thing I would have to do is change the language a bit – while I have no problems with this chart, am sure their parents/the NGO would kill me, if I use swear words! Do let me know if you are interested – I can give you more info on which NGO, etc.


Well!!..Really scary. My friends advised me not to take any credit card, or such things will happen. Till Now I haven’t got one and after reading this, I wont go anywhere near that section. Once when I was planning for a travel , i thought of going for a credit card. I even called up the bank and all, but somehow, it didn’t work out. Thankfully.
Thanks Bro…


Good move :) Dont!

Rahul C Raju

hi…, am copyin the image for my fb account and blog (will credit the source wtsoever & only for personal purpose)…. hope its ok…


Sure! Be my guest :)

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