My 100th Post! :)

Here I am, writing my One Hundredth Blog Post! Yeah, I repeat, as the title says it, this is the and my One Hundredth post on my blog! Wow! Wow because even I can’t believe that I have reached here finally! I remove my helmet, raise my bat and look towards the heavens… I have managed to keep blogging alive, albeit on and off, for two long years, something I never thought I would or could do. I know that my little website is as significant as the Pale Blue Dot against the vast backdrop of the cosmos when it comes to the general scheme of things as far as the internetz are concerned, and that there are far more awesome and widely read and greater writers and bloggers out there. But as they say about the child of the crow, it matters a lot to me. That is why I would consider this among the most significant achievements in my life, even more than my “professional” achievements! It is not easy. But the contentment that comes in when you put what you feel into words for all the World to see, that alone is worth it all, and that is what keeps me going. And of course, you who read the stuff I dish out! I can’t thank you, all of you enough! You are what keeps me going! (And unlike celebrities who make hollow statements, I mean this!)

I started my internet-writing life by writing reviews for stuff on Mouthshut.com. A year later while in B-School, I started blogging on Blogger. But I could not really put my thoughts into Unicode and posts came in by-and-large intervals. As time went on and as I was spat off the B-School assembly line, “expression of how one felt” took not just the backseat but totally missed the bus as more important things started taking precedence in life. Like the quest to peddle my non-existent management skills in exchange for some sort of job that would in the least lead my parents to believe that all the money spent on me was actually put to good use. Or even later, the all out mindless scramble to climb up the clichéd corporate ladder, because during those innocent years we were fed the lie that this was the only way to become successful in life. Add to that, the general and not-so-general public including classmates and all seemed to had made up their mind to completely ignore my posts. Even spamming everyone with mails did not help (It still does not). In addition, again, I was too busy being frustrated for a variety of reasons. No wonder that the blogging process was practically forgotten, though always present in the back of my mind.

Twitter was what re-introduced me to blogging and to the power of the Internet in general. I started going through all those posts which were shared by fellow tweeples, and was enamored by many of them. I even started subscribing to many of them and created a Google Reader account just to go through these RSS feeds. I learned a lot going through all those blogs: On how to create a blog, what are hosted and self hosted platforms, how to give it publicity, how to find more readers, what subscription is and so on. Underlining all this was the excitement of doing something new and apart from my job which was getting sort of stagnant anyway. I decided to use Wordpress as opposed to Blogger since it seemed to be the more professional and versatile platform, and thought it would be easier when I shift to a self hosted platform. Hence was born vadakkus.wordpress.com. My posts seemed to enjoy somewhat decent readership, and after a year I moved to a self hosted model with a bought theme, which I still use. I dedicated a lot of time to it, learned CSS to make heavy redesigns to the blog, kept on writing whenever I got time and wherever I could. A large part of this post itself was written while aboard BMTC buses.

Why do I write? Because I like it. The feeling of creating something, watching it taking shape, nurturing it and releasing it out to the World – that feeling is incredible. Add to that the relief you get when you can vent out your frustration and feelings. I have 24 readers on RSS, 21 on email and average daily readership is 300, mostly from Search Engines, Twitter and Facebook. Nothing phenomenal all this, but I am quite contended in my little World :) Needless to say, I love my readers! :*

Again, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have the patience to go through the stuff I dish out, and specially to those who even comment on and “Like” my posts! It means a lot! Especially all you very special people from JEC and OnMobile and of course, all the awesome people I have come to know through Twitter and who have “Liked” my Facebook page! :)

Thank you everyone, again! *Sniff* :)

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Your blog is pretty interesting. I have had you on rss for quite some time now. Congrats on the 100th post.


Thank you man! It is people like you who keep me going! :)

Abhishek G

Congrats!!I am aware I am little late in saying that! Better late than never! :) The actual reason is, your blogs came-up on my ‘blogs Only’ diet that I am on today.


Haha Thank you! :)

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