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How we Fail Soumya and all (Poor) Seekers of Justice

So, India is a wonderful democratic country under the rule of the law and constitution that even an alleged beggar can go up to the Supreme Court and get his death sentence for murder case commuted to just seven years in prison without anyone, not the courts or the police or the government making any effort to find who is behind him, supporting and funding him, because he is entitled to the “best” legal defense. Poor Soumya, raped and killed by him loses again because she was poor. Why is it that high-profile criminals always get let off? Why was apparently everyone complicit in letting him off?

I have some basic doubts and questions about the way our legal system is designed and works. How many times do legal systems really service justice to those who need it? Aren’t always people with money and influence who win cases? People with money and power can hire more powerful and intelligent lawyers, intimidate or buy off witnesses, manipulate or tamper with evidence to twist the case in their clients’ favor, while poor defendants, mostly on the side of the prosecution can afford none of this and will end up being denied justice. There always have been charges of corruption in the judiciary, but nothing has ever been “proved”, so there is nothing to say there. Our justice system is outdated and needs to be reformed because it mostly serves injustice than justice.

Hasn’t the system come to a stage where you have a team of good lawyers and enough money you can get away with anything? The current processes of law definitely favor the rich and mighty, which is why Sanjay Dutt gets unlimited offers on bail, Salman Khan does not have to go to jail at all, and all our politicians are roaming around free despite having numerous cases against them. When Dutt was charged and refused to appear at the station, the police had to ask the court’s permission to go and arrest him. If it were a common person, they would have kicked down his door. Doesn’t this system have to change? Doesn’t it have to be replaced with one where everyone really gets justice? Why are so many criminals like Govindachamy let off so easily? Shouldn’t the aim of courts be to punish criminals and not letting them off?

The question is not that of an individual, but that of the common perception that the common man will not get justice in this country. This line of thought of people losing faith in the judiciary will have very dangerous consequences for society and the country, because courts are seen by the common people as their last resort to get justice, they are the hope that forms the reason to live, to look forward to the next day, the basis of a modern society, to live without fear. What if you are sure you cannot get justice from the courts and the system? What if anyone can seize your house, murder you, rape your daughters and there isn’t shit you can do about it? It will be all but anarchy! Wasn’t the modern democratic state of the 20th century built on the concept of the right to life and justice to all people? Isn’t this and the concept of “justice through fair and free trials” that forms the basis of modern society, as different from that of medieval ages where authoritarian kings and princes passed judgment and punishment as per their whims and fancies? If justice can be bought and sold, with innocent people crushed under the might of currency caskets, how is today any different from those times when the sword ruled supreme? Why do we even have this farce of a system? For what do we proudly claim to be a “great country?” Who will answer for the tears of that poor mother?

And finally, the great Indian systems will come out with all their might and machinery to protect and provide safety for street dogs that regularly maim and kill babies, but is powerless in providing safety for the honor of women. The government itself will give you Z class security if you are an enormously wealthy woman, but your life will be worth nothing if you live an honest life but do not have enough money. This stupid farce of a democracy that panders only to a very small sliver at the top has been a failure. We have no faith in this judiciary, this democracy or these criminals ruling us anymore.

We are sorry, Soumya :( We will never be able to give you justice, not in this rotten system. You will always remain a scar in our hearts, as a reminder of how we have failed as a people, as a society, as a nation. We know that yesterday it was you, tomorrow it will be us, crushed by the might of the powerful, and all we can do is watch helplessly. The powerless we are, we hope that one day the powers that are will mete out punishment to those propping him up, but that is more of wishful hope as we know even the powers side with those with wealth.



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