The Banana Corporation

Banana Corporation, Inc., does not sell Bananas. I mean, we would love to, since we love Bananas which are the reason for the existence of our role models: The Banana Republics. (No, not the overpriced cloth selling places! Look it up. Havent you heard of Wikipedia? #fail)

Anyways coming back to subject, we are an Intergalactic Megacorporation, doing what all Intergalactic Megacorporations do: Try to take over the Universe. I mean, if Microsoft, Apple, Google etc can do it, why not us? The difference is that we have already done it! Yeah! How?

Our mission is to show you WTF you are doing wrong in everything, and how the world and all the people in it are inherently, Stupid. Everybody is. For instance, Farmville and Final Fantasy are NOT the real world, Get a Life! No, really. In the end, all this stupidity results in the nonsense that our everyday lives are. This nonsense are Banana Corporations. And in the end, Banana Corporations lead to real life Banana Republics.

Inherent Uselessness, Coherent Stupidity, What does not work, What is pathetic, what is #fail, everything you need to know about current affairs that are bananas… We will do all that for you. Just stay tuned.

And even after reading all this, you still want to buy our stocks, go ahead! Who knows, you might be rewarded with real wisdon and knowledge that, when you are stranded on a dark desert highway at Singanayakkanapuram as a result of your stupidity, might come in handy.


Directors of your Imagination,

The Banana Corporation, Inc.

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