The Adventures of KLBLRTraveler

Any Indian worth his travel bag will swear that traveling in India is a huge fail whale. Airports are located in areas where just getting there is a half day’s job. Trains are overbooked, chaotic, slow and of course, late. Buses run when they want to, and usually seem to all places except where you want to go to. Want to drive? Of course, wish you luck dodging crawling trucks, rickety buses, cattle and random crazy people on ALL lanes of that spanking new ‘expressway’.

The Bangalore – Kerala – Bangalore route has been over booked from the beginning of time, and the only regular overnight ‘Express’ train is an overcrowded, overbooked, over-slow, over-stinking, over-late monstrosity that shouldnt be recommended even to your sadistic boss. Tickets for the boring Volvo and otherwise rectangular metal enclosures they call buses can be had only on direct payout of hard (or not) earned money through your nasal orifices. Even then, you might/might not reach your destination in your original physical proportions.

Vadakkus, a regular traveler on the Bangalore – Kerala – Bangalore route, was lucky enough for his ticket to be denied. So he decided to don the cape of the KLBLRTraveler and take to the road. Follow his odyssey as reported by him on Twitter, as he makes his way through three states and 16 cups of chai. Recommend you too should do the same atleast once to spice up drab, boring lives. Just for Horror! :)

Road trippin’ gives you an awesome sense of freedom, as long as you can keep lesser mortals who think you are crazy at bay. Its the journey that matters, not the destination. Sadly said lesser mortals don’t seem to get that. Vadakkus traveling as #KLBLRTraveler live-tweeted his “road trip” of a bus-hopping odyssey, by his own means. So read on! You might learn something :)

Thank you for reading!

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