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New Smartphone from Microsoft and Nokia!

As we all know by now, Nokia and Microsoft have announced a new partnership, apparently to take on Apple and Google (Android). But what is not known is that they have already planned for new products. highly placed sources (who are on Banana Corporation’s payroll *evil laugh*!) say that the new phone will be incredibly smart, doing away with all the plethora of unwanted buttons on the phone and replacing them with only the ones that are needed most in a Windows operating environment. If this isn’t innovation, what is??

We also are in possession of a picture of the new phone, and we are unveiling it for all the world to see :) Behold!

New Funny Phone by Microsoft that they have now taken over Nokia

Amazing, Ain’t it? This is going to change nothing. As it always was. Fun Fun Fun!!

Oh and thanks @Nauphal for the idea :)

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