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How to Become a Good Photographer

You do have a phone with a good camera.
Take 10000 photos with it.

Buy a compact point and shoot.
Take 20000 photos with it.

Buy an advanced point and shoot.
Take 50000 photos with it.

Buy an entry level DSLR.
Take 100000 photos with it.

Buy a professional level DSLR.
Take 250000 photos with it.

Once you have an advanced Point and Shoot, never use auto mode again.

While you are doing this, sit down and learn about technicalities: Angles, Framing, Metering, Apertures, Shutter speeds, ISOs, Postprocessing and so on.

Find your niche. Buy only the gear you really need for that.

Congratulations, you are now starting to become a good photographer.

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