30 More Things That Will Make You Feel Old – India Edition.

You are older than you think! Making you think many things happened “recently” is a trick played by your sub-conscious to make you think you are young and kicking. Inspired by XKCD’s Epic diagram that makes people think they are old based on movie release dates, and then 40 things that make you feel old, I present my contribution – with more of Indian stuff thrown in. Enjoy, feel old and miserable! :) (P.S.: It is fine if you want to copy and send this as an email forward, but be kind enough to give me credit and include this as well:  From vadakkus.com, Source: http://bit.ly/feeloldindia Took a lot of work to create this, appreciation is appreciated! :)) (All images are property of their original copyright owners. Used for illustrative purposes only) So, here I present 30 Things that will make you feel old! Do You Realize That:

1. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was released 16 years ago.

2. Windows XP was released TEN years ago, in 2001.

3. The “new” Millennium is more than a decade old.

4. Chetan Bhagat’s antics have been around for the past 7 years!

5. Pierce Brosnan last acted as James Bond 9 years ago.

6. The Delhi Metro has been running for the past 9 years!

7. It’s been 10 years since 9/11

8. The Matrix came out 12 years ago, Keanu Reeves is 46 today

9. Mother Theresa and Lady Diana have been dead for 14 years.

10. Remember Jungle Book on Doordarshan? That was more than 15 years ago.

11. This happened a whopping 17 years ago.

Yes, they are old, too!

12. Macaulay Culkin is 30 today. “Home Alone” came out over 20 years ago.

13. Terminator 2 is 20 years old. Edward Furlong who portrayed kid John Connor is 33 now.

14. Sean Connery is 80 years old and retired.

15. The youngest Spice Girl is 35, the oldest Backstreet Boy 39, Gwen Stefani is 41, Madonna 52

16. The first Harry Potter book came out when I was in High School. 14 years ago!

17. The first season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S was aired 17 years ago! Age of the cast:

18. Remember these Guys?

19. Akshay Kumar is older than the moon landing – He was born in 1967

20. Arnold Schwarzenegger is older than India. He was born in June 1947

21. ‘Kids’ born in 1993 can legally drive, drink and vote this year.

Where are my car keys, bob?

22. Jurassic Park is older than Justin Bieber.

23. Justin Bieber. Rebecca Black. Miley Cyrus.

24. Rajiv Gandhi has been dead for 20 years.

25. Bryan Adams’ cult song “Summer of 69” was released 26 years ago.

26. Kids whom you remember in their diapers posting their pics on Facebook

Not like this, though.

27. Facebook has been around for 7 years. Orkut for 9.

Fraandshipping since 2002

28. Remember the little girl from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? She is 23 now (Sana Saeed)

29. The Maruti Zen was first introduced 18 years ago.

Image Courtesy: I Love India

30. And of course, the Rasna Girl (Ankita Jhaveri). She is all grown up as well!

Hope you are feeling wonderful now. Please let me know. :)

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An awesome compilation. A little repetitive from something I saw recently – but still, I’m 17 and I feel old reading this! :P


Yeah, it was inspired by and those and a couple of facts were picked from there. Thank you! :) Haha 17? Lucky! :)


OMG! You succeeded! I am feeling old and miserable! Desp! :-(


So imagine how desp I would be! :)

The Half-Blood Geek

Childhood memories :)


Childhood memories for me too! But, aren’t you 10 years younger to me?


I am JUST 20… and this is how old i am???
Amazing post. :)


Thank you so much! :) “JUST” 20. :)


Did you *really* have to do this?????

*A woman as old as the mountains*


Don’t worry chechi, we will all get there…

Well.. Should do what I can do, right? (Nammalaal aavunnathu..) :)

Purvesh Janee

I am not old, I guess these things occured before I was born & I give up ….. yes you succeded in making me feel old, maybe in couple of years might take discount on Senior Citizin Quota ;p


Wow. You don’t have to worry, yet! :)


appo kattielma(a)nine paattu padippichittu etra varshamayi?????????


Athinu Kattilema(a)ne paattu padippichu kazhinjo??

Sourabh Datta Gupta

truly nostalgic


Yes! I took many a trip down the memory lane while writing this.. Crestfallen though.

Vishnu R

‘Even would have been in Standard 1 or 2 when Sachin started his career’
22 years and he is still hungry for runs!!
As long as he is playing I dont feel old…

good post btw ;-)


nice one :)!


Really wonderfull. I felt at least younger by 10 years.

V.P.Yeolekar, Dombivali.

arun ruhela

Age matters.. I am feeling old.. :(

Koi baat nahi.. Phir bhi dil hai hindustani.. :)


I feel the list is incomplete without the mention of cell phone revolution!

Atul T Suraiya

… and think of it, twenty years hence, these will be the “good ol days!”


Keith Moon in The Who, the greatest of all rock and roll drummers, would Have Turned 65 Years Old Yesterday.
Charlie Watts in Rolling Stones celebrated his 70th birthday this summer – and he is still on stage!


I got this via email and I didn’t really see any credits though. I also come across a similar read : http://thecompulsiveconfessor.blogspot.com/2011/05/things-to-make-you-feel-old-if-you-grew.html
if u haven’t already seen it.
Rasna girl’s pic look different in both blogs. Are they even the same person?
Nice read btw. Discovered this page just today. interesting stuff :-)


India wasn’t born in 1947; that’s just when it got its independence back.

Ch Liu

You don't have to worry…

Lokesh Kumar

short term loss memory.

Pomila Bhutani

not old feel ancient after going through this.but all said nd done still enjoy friends nd home alone 1 2 3.

Lucky Mehra

very nice

Anamika Choudhury

I am glad that I witnessed all these!

Srilekha Koddur

The Rasna girl is the right one in the photo, Her debut film in Telugu Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo, directed by YVS Chowdary was commercially successful. Her biggest hit in Telugu remains Simhadri, opposite Ntr Jr. It seems The actress is currently based in the US and had her first break in American Television on February 3, 2013 when her GoDaddy commercial called Your Big Idea was aired during the XLVII Super Bowl!!!

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