You Are A Bangalorean If…

Garden City, AC City, Pensioners Paradise, India’s Silicon Valley, IT City, Aerospace Capital of India, City of Lakes, The Rock Capital of India, Asia’s Fastest Growing City, Pub Capital of India and lately, City of Flyovers, Volvo City and City of Traffic Jams are some of the monikers or nicknames the City Bangalore has been known Over the years. All these factors have defined the city which could be said to be the most friendly, welcoming, pleasant and cosmopolitan city in India. The capital city of the state of Karnataka lay unrecognized to the rest of the World until the early 80s and exploded to unprecedented levels starting in the late 90s and booming ever since thereafter. Today it is home to close to 10 million (1 crore) people from all over the country and abroad. Though largely diluted, the city still manages to retain much of its earlier charm and culture which is simply irresistible, through people who act as ambassadors to the city and continue to love it, despite everything.

And there is no place like Twitter where jobless Bangaloreans can turn to express their love towards the city. The result was the hashtag #YouAreABangaloreanIf which caused an avalanche of Tweets with Bangalore people describing the city and what it is, how life in the city is, what Bangaloreans are and what makes one a Bangalorean. To become a Bangalorean, all you need to do is what Bangaloreans have been doing from time immemorial, which is to “Chill Maadi!”

The hashtag was launched by @pal36 and trended top in India for a long time. Here I present some of the Tweets, grouped together in topics defining Bangalore. The Tweet has been copied in plain text. Click on the handle name at the end of the tweet text to view the original tweet and to Retweet, Reply, Favorite etc.


Traffic jams has become the single most defining factore of Bangalore today, even more than the much celebrated IT City status. People in Bangalore have actually fallen in love with their traffic jams that have taken their life hostage. Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?


The pet peeve of Bangaloreans, the overcharging, arrogant, lawless and general “I-don’t-give-a-damn” behavior of Autorickshaw drivers of Bangalore is legendary, and is the most often cited grouse about the city second only to the traffic. So, oneandayaaf?


If there is one thing that unites Bangaloreans of all kinds, races, caste and DNA, it is food. Every Bangalorean is a foodie. Of all buildings on every street has atleast one is a restaurant, and all of them are packed, all the time.


No explanation needed. Lore has it that in olden times, you could not even find a shop where ceiling fans were sold in Bangalore, simply because they were not needed, as it felt like the entire city was Air Conditioned! (Hence the name AC City)

#youAreABangaloreanIf if when pointed out the mess of Bangalore, all you have to offer is “look at the weather” ! @amishra77

#youAreABangaloreanIf Half your tweets are about the amazing weather the city is currently experiencing @iyengirl

Public Transport

BMTC has hit the jackpot with their Volvo bus fleet, heavily subscribed to by the general public. They transformed the city into one of those in India with the best public transport facilities.

IT Industry

IT seems to ingrained in Bangalore’s DNA, with even school kids taking JAVA and C++ classes.


I have known people in Bangalore who can fluently handle NINE languages, 8 of them Indian. Unlike other Indian cities, almost everyone here speaks atleast four languages! Language defines the culture of the accommodating nature of Bangalore!

#youAreABangaloreanIf you add the suffix -maadi to every English verb to get more impact. E.g. Dance maadi, walk maadi, switch-on maadi etc @james_priya

How We Are and What We Do in Bangalore

Bangalore is the most laidback and informal city in India, where it is quite difficult actually to spot people walking around in suits and corporate attire. We are more California than New York, baby! And of course, we have our own ways of partying and doing things to have fun, only if we manage to reach there after epic traffic battles.

Funny Facts and Figures :)

Some quirky facts that Bangalore and Bangaloreans are uniquely known for!

#youAreABangaloreanIf you’re not even surprised that a road barely 25 ft wide is called a 100 ft road! @james_priya

#youAreABangaloreanIf Your home address sounds something like 4322. XYZ Layout, IInd Stage, 6th Main, 14th ‘C’ cross ! @james_priya

Last Order!

Bangalore is well known for another thing: The 1130 pm Cinderella hour rule, which is the most rued fact about the city. This, and some other disappointing facts about Bangloreans and Bangalore.

#youAreABangaloreanIf the waiter tells you that it’s your last order at 10.30 pm @james_priya

#YouAreABangaloreanif you’re not from Bangalore. @abvan

But in the end, Bangalore is still the best city for most people to live in. As @dshenoy says, the ultimate truth when it comes to Bangaloreans:

And of course, this, when you tell others where you are from:

The Garden City grows on you like a charm, you can crib all day, but even with its own set of problems, you can make the maximum of the city where you live if you could just open your eyes and look around you!

As always, Bengaluru Rocks!

View of the Brigade Road in Bengaluru from Kaveri Circle.


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Monica Bansal

Good job compiling the tweets. Also, bonus points on hyperlinking all the tweets to twitter.
That's some hard work. Cheers


naicee! I luv banglore !!

Ankur !

cool colleaction

Belgaumina Nivasi

What crap? best idlies in world in Bangalore? That brahmins guy does not even know to prepare sambar and some people here claim it to be world class.Come have it in Murugan idlies @besant nagar madras.You will know eher your brahmin idlies stand.

Mysoorina huduga

What crap? best idlies in world in Bangalore? That brahmins guy does not even know to prepare sambar and some people here claim it to be world class.Come have it in Murugan idlies @besant nagar madras.You will know eher your brahmin idlies stand.


Idlies are nothing but the by-product of yesterday’s left over rice stuff.. ha ha


Great summary. Lots of reasons to love the city.

Pavan Raj

fuck u

Shri Shrinag

If you are from Bangalore then you will love this. These creative posts brings smile on your face

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