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Welcome to the Friendzone, BMTC Style

At a bus stop in Bangalore.

Among the waiting commuters are a young guy and girl sitting and chatting on the bench. A BMTC Volvo bus arrives and wheezes to a stop.

Guy: “Let us go in this bus.”

Girl: “But the fare is too high. It will come up to 80 rupees. I usually take the normal bus.”

Guy sounding a bit eager: “That is okay. It is on me. I will pay for your ticket too. There are empty seats also.”

Girl: “Really? Will you do that? Awww that is so sweet of you. Lets go.”

They both board the bus. The doors shut silently as they sit next to each other and the big bus moves away.

Welcome to the friendzone, bro. I wanted to tell him.

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