“Can’t you See the Rich Man’s BMW Coming, you Imbecile?”

This happened sometime back.

It was around 10 pm at night and I was waiting to cross the road at a junction with a traffic signal in Bangalore. As soon as the signals for vehicles to pass turned red, the few cars that were on the road stopped obediently and the alarm sounded indicating pedestrians could now cross the road.

Then, as soon as I started walking across the road on zebra-crossing lines which were almost fully erased by wear and tear, a dark blue BMW 525 came whizzing out of nowhere past the stopped cars and braked hard in front of me. I instinctively jumped back and stared at the car. The passenger window of the car rolled down and the Amul-baby dude driving it leaned across and shouted at me:

“Where are you looking, you ass****? Can’t you see the car coming?”

Confused over what happened, I looked at the traffic signal light which was still red.

“F*ck you and your signal, you idiot! F*ck off” Shouted the dude again and sped off with incredible acceleration.

There were two girls in the front passenger seat (one in the other’s lap) who were laughing the entire time. I could hear more laughter as the car sped away.

I stood there for some time trying to digest what had just happened. Then it stuck me. It is known that pedestrians in India who are not rich enough to drive their own cars are not worth their dignity or lives in front of emancipated car drivers. But if you are rich enough to own a BMW then it goes a step further and even rules and signals of course do not apply to you. I probably should have thanked the mofo for not running me over.

I went my way, feeling very small and depressed.

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