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“I Will Tell God Everything”



“I will tell God everything”

Were the last words of this little 3-year old Syrian boy before he died.

This picture says so much about our world. About the wanton killing we wreak upon ourselves, our women and children, About the innocence of this poor boy unable to understand why anyone would do all this to him, who in all his innocence hopes that he will find solace and revenge at the hands of the divine powers who he holds until now were unaware of his suffering, much like a 3-year old would threaten the school bully that he would tell his father about the bullying…

This particular statement could be a hoax or the product of an overactive imagination and there is no way to verify this. But the picture depicting the pain, anguish and suffering of this little child is real enough. Go in peace, little brother. Where you went to is a much better place than this one. I only hope that God will listen to you and strike those who did this to you down with great vengeance and furious anger (Ezekiel 25:17).

We have failed as a civilization. We have failed as a species. We are inflicting unimaginable pain and suffering on the young of our own kind, we are butchering our own young, our own innocence in the name of some lofty ideals or twisted ideologies about some invisible men sitting in the sky which serve the end of only some elite fatcats who have no qualms about meeting their ends of making money in whatever way. We have failed humanity. It exists only in name and as some bloated, meaningless and hollow word. I am so much disturbed ever since I saw this picture. How could anyone do something like this? What kind of creatures are these?

By our misguided ideals, we are refusing our young their right to live, love and laugh. There will come a day when we will have to come clean on our actions, days of terrible, terrible retribution by the powers that are.

To the poor children who are being slaughtered by these monsters all over the world.

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Jeff Boyd

I would like to know the name of this boy.

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