Child in One Hand, Activa in the Other! IotR 001

IotR stands for Idiots on the Road where I will be chronicling stupidity I see on Indian roads. Here is first one:

I didn’t witness this, but it happened as a friend narrated it, on the Bangalore Outer Ring Road (a six-land road inside the city) near Doddanekkundi. There was this guy riding a Honda Activa scooter with one hand, his right one, while holding a one+ year old child wrapped around his left arm!! He held the child close to his body while zipping in and out of traffic consisting of cars, buses and trucks at insane speeds. No helmet and all of course. What if he had to brake suddenly? Of course that moron deserves no mercy but what about that poor child? And God forbid that guy goes and hits some other vehicle, the blame will fall on the driver of the other vehicle!

“Sab chalta hai”, no? “Mera kuch nahi hoga”, right? Bloody imbeciles. What to say when people are so callous about the safety of their own children?

Bloody idiot.

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