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Ireland Win: Pink is ‘IN’ in the Indian Camp

Propelled by pink haired Kevin O’Brien’s awesomeness personified innings of 111 runs off 63 balls, Ireland tounced neighbors England and created history in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in Bangalore today. The same England team had forced India to a tie at the same venue some days back. O’Brien scored the fastest 100 in a World Cup match, his ton coming off just 50 balls.

All in awe of O’Brien and Ireland, Indian fans even forgot their own team. This has caused quite a stir in the cricketing circles, and Banana Corporation’s industrial espionage wing has confirmed that several Indian players are seriously considering of emulating startegies of Ireland’s players. Especially Yuvraj Singh, who was criticized of wasting too many balls even though he hit 58 in India’s ‘tied’ match with England, is now reportedly seriously considering of coloring his hair pink.

Yep. Pink Should Do It.

It seems the only thing that sets O’Brien apart from other players is his hair, and Yuvraj having tried everything, apparently feels that coloring his hair a shade of flamingo is the only remaining way out to get cracking on the pitch. Also unconfirmed reports cite that his partner in advertising crime, Santhakumaran Sreesanth, who takes Yuvraj’s advice on anything regarding his hair, has decided to ditch coconut oil. Apparently fathers of pretty girls have stopped getting impressed by coconut oil based hair style gels. If a pink haired guy can hit 100 off 50 balls, another pink haired guy can surely impress middle aged men with pretty daughters, right?

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