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Vodafail of a Different Kind

No, this is not a Zoozoo-bashing post but about something that reeks of sheer incompetence and irresponsibility, that should not come from a company like Vodafone.

Their new promotion: “Vodafone Superweeks” – You will not be charged for data if you use Facebook, Twitter, Orkut from April 18 till 22nd. So, like a loyal customer, as soon as the Cricket-interrupting Super Zoozoo asked me to send SUPER to 111, I did and got this in response:

Hungrily, I click on the URL and….


How? What?? Ok. So these guys are promoting a service, pan-India, super prime time, during the IPL, to millions of people, paying crores of Rupees.. And the link does not work!! Nice. What kind of marketing is this? You can call this stupidity, incompetence, irresponsibility or just gross negligence. If they are this unaccountable and careless towards their own actions, for which they spent their own money, how can you expect them to be responsible towards you?

Make no mistake, I lost nothing because the link did not work, maybe but a bit of irritation. But at a time when credibility of mobile service providers is at an all time low, stupid incidents like these will only help to further dent their image. If you cannot rely on them to deliver a working link, how can you trust them with your bills? Your money? And hey, what if the link was a paid one? That is, what if there were a charge for clicking on the link?

Dear Vodafone, please try and be a little more responsible.

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