#MalluPlaces in Bangalore!

The hallowed populace of Malluland is widely known for their mastery over languages, the ability to assimilate any phonetic material with elan, no matter how complicated it might be, maybe thanks to the tongue twister Malayalam is generally known to be. The Malayali learns the language of the place he goes with elan, something that our other Southern brethren find difficult and most of our Northern brethren don’t even try. Anyway, with this great power comes a great handicap – the famed “Mallu Accent”! The Malayali bond with his accent is so strong that it becomes more than just a mixing of Phonetics but a full-blown language changer. Which is why wherever he goes, the Malayali along with assimilating local culture unknowingly twists local place names through repetitive pronunciation, and nowhere is this more visible than in Bangalore, which has more than a Million of them.

Though the Mallu might speak flawless Kannada, he still “Malayalifies” local place names to make them reminiscent of the places back home. This is unknowingly and unwittingly, and cannot be helped. I have been observing this for quite some time, and here are some of the gems I came up with

(Note: The places marked with * are those which I actually heard people saying, and the rest are figments of my imagination. Well, mostly. Also, apologies to my readers who do not know Malayalam or aren’t familiar with the subject. But, this had to be done. I am sure you will understand :) Thank you!)

Athippaala (അത്തിപ്പാല)* – Attibele

Chakkasandra (ചക്കസാന്ദ്ര)* – Jakkasandra

Vayalilkaaval (വയലില്‍കാവല്‍ )* – Vyalikaval

Matthikara (മത്തിക്കര)* – Mathikere

Maaraathahalli (മാറാത്തഹള്ളി)* – Marathalli

Koremangalam (കൊറെമംഗലം)* – Koramangala

Arakkara (അരക്കര)* – Arekere

Doddane Kundi (!) (ദൊഡനെ കുണ്ടി)* – Dodda Nekkundhi

Jelahalli (ജെലഹല്ലി)* – Jalahalli

Ittimada (ഇട്ടിമട) – Ittamadu

Payyepanahalli (പയ്യെപ്പനഹള്ളി) – Bayyappanahalli

Cocks Town (കോക്സ് ടൌണ്‍)* – Coxtown

Thoma sandra (തോമസാന്ദ്ര) – Domsandra

Maveli (മാവേലി)* – Mavalli

Benashenkeri (ബെനശെന്‍കെരി)* – Banashankari

Palappetta (പാലപ്പേട്ട) – Balepete

Mejesti (മെജെസ്റ്റി)* – Majestic

Neelamangalam (നീലമംഗലം)* – Nelamangala

Nayantarahalli (നയന്‍താര ഹള്ളി) – Nayandanahalli

Anapalayam (ആനപാളയം)* – Anepalya

Chelikatta (ചെളിക്കട്ട) – Challaghatta

Sankadakatta (സങ്കടക്കട്ട)* – Sunkadakatte

Kathirikkuppa (കത്തിരിക്കുപ്പ) – Kathriguppe

Koottilu (കൂട്ടില് ) – Kudlu

Manasavaadi (മാനസവാടി)* – Banaswadi

Yesuvanthapuram (യേശുവന്തപുരം) – Yeshwantpur

And of course, the one that started it all, and takes the cake!

[quote]Panineerukatta (പനിനീരുകട്ട)*  – Bannerghatta (also Bennarghatta in much common parlance)[/quote]

In addition to these, most “Kere”s are “Kara” (Tavarakara), Palyas are Palayams (Murugeshapalayam), Nagars are Nagarams, “Pura”s are Purams and Mangalas are Mangalams. But another baffling fact is that really complicated place names such as Kadubeesanahalli, Devarabeesanahalli, Kodichikkanahalli and Hunasamaranahalli are pronounced by the Mallu with crystal clear precision, while most other people just rename the places to “Central Mall” and “Intel”. Baffling, the ways of the Mallu!

I would suggest to pronounce place names as the locals do, how they are supposed to be. It might be funny, but it just not right. How would you feel if someone mispronounced your place names? Case in point: Kozh-haai-code/Kaali-kettu, Thiruchoor, all kinds of poola (puzha), Thiruvendram etc. Also, let me know in the comments if you find more such stuff :)


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Ragesh Chakkadath

Our places are being mis-pronounced too. Do you know how northindians pronounce the word kazhakoottam? (yep the one near technopark) “kaarrakkottam”, “kazzaakottam” and a lot more versions. :D


Malayalis spell Malayalam words in different places in Kerala itself in different ways.
A good example is the word “entha” (എന്താ) .
In Trivandrum :- entharu (എന്തര്)
In Kollam :- enthva (എന്ത്വാ)
In Kottayam :- ennatha (എന്നതാ)
In Thrissur :- enthootta (എന്തൂട്ടാ)

Some places too are too said differently
Thiruvananthapuram (തിരുവനന്തപുരം) is called “thiruvanthoram” (തിരുവന്തോരം)


Big Elephant Arse = Dodda Ane Kundi!

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