Indi Commando Fail! What were they Smoking??

(This post was written when the original ridiculous name was announced, long before the team was renamed “Kochi Tuskers Kerala”. This was the most widely read post on my blog, and hope it has contributed something towards the name getting changed :))

Some things are just bound to fail. Ever since its inception, the Kochi IPL team has repeatedly shown us what epic fail stuff is made of. After controversies about ownership, the only sensible minister we had losing his job and finally packing the team with lots of bowlers and Ravindra Jadeja, they have come up with the biggest WTF anyone as ever heard of, yet! The name for the team. the name has been announced! It is: (hold your breath)

I would like to think that whoever came up with this piece of craptastic brilliance did so while either being passed out puked behind a BEVCO shop or while high on cheap stuff under the North Overbridge. Hell, what is an ‘Indi‘ anyway? What were they thinking??

  • Did they mean the independent alternative rock movement in the US? (Indie)
  • Did those non-Mallus running the show think they were doing Kerala a service by coming up with a name that rhymes with some words people must have been calling them? (Thendi, Andi, Kundi, Kindi, Chandi?..)
  • Or is the entire thing sponsored by Tata Indicom? Or Indica?? (Brilliant – One Epic Fail lending its name to another Fail!) Indica Mandakka.
  • Indiana Jones? Harrison Ford? Arnold Schwarzenegger?? Aaarrgghh!!

Their Twitter page gives some senseless definition on what this name means. For heavens sake, the IPL team name should reflect the name of the city/state it is based upon and its heritage etc. Where is the Kochi or Kerala in the Indi? And what do they mean ‘commando’? Do they have any idea what “Going Commando” means? Will we have Yana Gupta as brand ambassador? Hell, I am fine with “nothing underneath the lungi” jokes, but this is taking it one too far!

And the logo is even a more bigger fail. Looks like a mosquito or even a Mortein coil! Well, atleast we can say there is something about the team that is connected to Kochi. Someone please change this sad, pathetic excuse for a name! Let us all converge at Marine Drive or something! Avante oru indi kammandi!

On a serious note, the establishment that runs the Kochi IPL team still seem to want to move it to their home state,  hence are messing up things here deliberately. Anyways this is a disgrace! (Nothing against said state people)

As expected, Malayalis and others on Twitter ripped apart the name and it’s creators from the moment it was announced. Twitter is abuzz with people laughing at, outraging, seething, joking, sarcasm-ing, crying, going insane, swearing and protesting against the name. Some gems are given below:

UPDATE: They just changed the name from “Indi Commandos” to “Indi Commandos Kerala!” This makes it even worse! Adding insult to injury!

FINAL UPDATE: As well know, the name has been changed to Kochi Tuskers Kerala or KTK. This is decent enough. Well.

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