Indi Commando Fail! What were they Smoking??

(This post was written when the original ridiculous name was announced, long before the team was renamed “Kochi Tuskers Kerala”. This was the most widely read post on my blog, and hope it has contributed something towards the name getting changed :))

Some things are just bound to fail. Ever since its inception, the Kochi IPL team has repeatedly shown us what epic fail stuff is made of. After controversies about ownership, the only sensible minister we had losing his job and finally packing the team with lots of bowlers and Ravindra Jadeja, they have come up with the biggest WTF anyone as ever heard of, yet! The name for the team. the name has been announced! It is: (hold your breath)

I would like to think that whoever came up with this piece of craptastic brilliance did so while either being passed out puked behind a BEVCO shop or while high on cheap stuff under the North Overbridge. Hell, what is an ‘Indi‘ anyway? What were they thinking??

  • Did they mean the independent alternative rock movement in the US? (Indie)
  • Did those non-Mallus running the show think they were doing Kerala a service by coming up with a name that rhymes with some words people must have been calling them? (Thendi, Andi, Kundi, Kindi, Chandi?..)
  • Or is the entire thing sponsored by Tata Indicom? Or Indica?? (Brilliant – One Epic Fail lending its name to another Fail!) Indica Mandakka.
  • Indiana Jones? Harrison Ford? Arnold Schwarzenegger?? Aaarrgghh!!

Their Twitter page gives some senseless definition on what this name means. For heavens sake, the IPL team name should reflect the name of the city/state it is based upon and its heritage etc. Where is the Kochi or Kerala in the Indi? And what do they mean ‘commando’? Do they have any idea what “Going Commando” means? Will we have Yana Gupta as brand ambassador? Hell, I am fine with “nothing underneath the lungi” jokes, but this is taking it one too far!

And the logo is even a more bigger fail. Looks like a mosquito or even a Mortein coil! Well, atleast we can say there is something about the team that is connected to Kochi. Someone please change this sad, pathetic excuse for a name! Let us all converge at Marine Drive or something! Avante oru indi kammandi!

On a serious note, the establishment that runs the Kochi IPL team still seem to want to move it to their home state,  hence are messing up things here deliberately. Anyways this is a disgrace! (Nothing against said state people)

As expected, Malayalis and others on Twitter ripped apart the name and it’s creators from the moment it was announced. Twitter is abuzz with people laughing at, outraging, seething, joking, sarcasm-ing, crying, going insane, swearing and protesting against the name. Some gems are given below:

UPDATE: They just changed the name from “Indi Commandos” to “Indi Commandos Kerala!” This makes it even worse! Adding insult to injury!

FINAL UPDATE: As well know, the name has been changed to Kochi Tuskers Kerala or KTK. This is decent enough. Well.

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The Half-Blood Geek

Was thinkin of blogging abt the same.. u’re too fast, man! :)

Shibu K T

This is the result of too much thinking and planning. Even a school going kid would have suggested a better name.



The funny thing is they took the longest to come up with a name. An how hard was it? No research, I dont even think they ran if there are alternate meaning to commando in a simple google search. I guess this name was selected by a consensus of all the consortium members including ones with sweat equity. ROFL


Its like Deccan chargers . No city name on it. But atleast logo should have been better. Some amaeturish designer designed it for sure.


4gt d city name… DC is d coolest name in IPL…

shibin george

enthinadai ee peru itathu,vayil kollavunnae peru illayirrunno,

indian girl

ROFL Mortein Coil LOL

philip mathew

They should just do us a service and take the team to Gujarat, call it Modi Commando Force for all i care and save us from this pathetic joke. Commandoes with orange jersey, what were they thinking ?


@Ragesh (HBG) Haha.. Thanks man. Outrage makes you act quickly. Hope you will put up a blog too on this :)

@Shibu: I dont think they have done any sort of planning. This is just either some ulterior motive or someone was really stoned.

@ChelakkanduPoda: നന്ദിയുണ്ട് സുഹൃത്തേ! ബ്ലോഗ്‌ കൊള്ളാം കേട്ടോ.

@rahul Yeah! It is obvious that they didnt even check what “Going Commando” means! :)

The Half-Blood Geek

no man! Probably wont.. You’ve said it enough :)


@Travis: Deccan Chargers are based out of Hyderabad, and the city is situated on the Deccan plateau. Atleast the entire Hyderabad-Karnataka and southern Maharashtra part till Pune and Nagpur is located on the Deccan Plateau

@Shibin: Vaayil kollavunnathalla, vere enthu peru aayirunnalum mathiyayirunnu..

@Indian Girl :)

@philip mathew: I believe that was their intention all along, anyway. Gujjus can take the team from us Mallus as a gift :)


Mr.Patel to his Son (4 year old), Beta , ek saroo naam suggest karo.
The 4 year old was watching BEN 10 in Jetix Channel.
He suggested Indi Commandos and created the LOGO in MS Paint.
Mr Patel said t his son: Saaro logo. Apro Modi che foto add karoo choo.
(Orange color already che ne?)
Thus the name “INDI COMMANDOS” (which has proven that stupidity has no limits) became part of marketing history.
Great going. Please shift the venue to Gujarat.


@ Ranjith: I think that was the idea all along. Since the whole thing is run by Gujaratis anyway, I believe this was an elaborate scheme that has fooled the entire people of a state! Orange color does not help, too.
Let them shift it to Gujarat anyway. Who needs it in Kerala? We are happy playing football.


ehtu orumathiri o****** pery thanne. they are planning to change home groups also. no support for this ass holes team




Lungi Commandos :D


They’re going to change base camp to Amdavad. This completes the circle. Sham….the whole thing was just a total tomfoolery.

This will perhaps be the single worst thing that has come out of IPL cricket merchandise. I hope they get shit, bucket loads of them. They’ve lost the trust and support of Keralites, gujjus aren’t going to back them either and in all probability the owners will end up in Tihar jail for shady deals before Showsanth manage the next #facepalm. Before all this we must organize a public felicitation for the genius-brain who came up with this name.


I seriously hope so. They cheated an entire state and now plan to move the base, what, Gujarat will accept this name just because it has Orange in the logo?

Well said, They deserve to be jailed. Apparently some marketing agency in Mumbai came up with this name. And have you seen their web page? Looks like one of those old amateur Geocities!

Tanzen Pia

Absolutely hilarious… congrats to the blogger for coining all those tweets and the blog itself..
you mallus are so creative!! I was laughing non-stop…(I can understand Malayalam jokes) ..
at the same time its sad that whatever good happening/or going to happen in Kerala derails at the worst possible way.. still.. there is something telling me that, how can they invest crores and come up with all those 1) theatrics-before-formation,2) Team selection 3) Orange Jersey!!!
(Fits Holland well though) 4) Rat poison/Jet X Logo 4) The name (I have read many a good names, created by creative true fans, including some of my friends) may be it is that part of business, where money changes colour…..


Thank you so much! :) Actually most of those tweets belong to others! :) Thank you for commenting!
Yeah, it happens to Kerala all the time. This time it was an ego tussle/communalism/money matters who knows what. And it you look at it, it seems deliberate, that they want to derail the entire thing. No one can be this stupid, right?


Worst possible name !!!

i am very DISAPPOINTED by this bullshit name.

KOCHIN TUSKERS or any other name would have been much better


Theme song: SiLsIlA hAi SiLsIlA silsila hai silsila

please change the name …………………..


Ethenkilum oru NBA / NFL / MLB / NHL team inte peru google cheythu nokki valla ‘Kerala’ yo ‘Cochin’ o ‘Kochi’ yo cherthu thaangiyaal mathiyarnnu…..

I honestly suspect if this asswipe name and shitty logo were deliberately intended at reducing any possible support for the Cochin team….. I was honestly excited at the prospects of getting to support a home team…. ee peril ente patti support cheyyum !

The Half-Blood Geek

:O Paavam vadakkus! ennaalum pappacha!


I deleted that comment and edited the other one. The first one was uneditable. Ee blogil theri vilikkan enikku mathrame adhikaaram ullu! :)


@ kiran: There are hundreds of names suggested, each and everyone better than this. The logo does not even deserve mention. I take this is a deliberate attempt to reduce support to that the establishment running the show can take it back to their home state.. And, pattikal polum ee team-ine support cheyyaruthu, cheyyan anuvadikkaruthu!


@Ashwathy: :) And congratulations! :)

@Noire: Yeah I get lots of hits with that keyword :)

@Kiran: There are hundreds of names suggested, each and everyone better than this. The
logo does not even deserve mention. Silsila actually would sound nice. I dont think they will change it, still..

@ Yusuff: Yeah, I too take this is a deliberate attempt to reduce support to that the establishment running the show can take it back to their home state.. And, pattikal polum ee team-ine support cheyyaruthu, cheyyan anuvadikkaruthu!

The name is not ours, the venue is not ours…………
Better change it as GUJARAT COMMANDOS, please dont use the word KOCHI IPL its really shame of us…..

Genuine Shaji

maa ki aankh…

its better to have the name as team kochi rather than ts bull shit.

kochi de jersy okke ittu ivde bombay il ithiri jada kanikkamennu vijarichirunnapozhanu avante ammoommede oru indi commandos. marapattiku arandu kootennu paranjapole oru logos um…


Joseph Zacharias

Ente patti polum enne kadikkan vannu.

The fans can be given mosquito terminator bats to wave in the stadium

Joseph Zacharias

Ente patti enne kadikkan vannu

They should give mosquito terminator bats to the fans in the stadium


INDI COMMONDOS resemble THE AVERAGE JOES from the movie DODGEBALL, the greatest under dog movie, @#$% we are going to be the laughing stock again .Still proud to be a mallu.


ROFL post!
I don’t think the team would have got more attention if the name were something sensible. They did it, Vadakkus, all Malayalis and non-Malayalis have sat up and taken notice. What more could you ask for? ;-)


@Arun Yeah, the team has got nothing to fdo with Kochi or Kerala..
@Shaji You know, I had the same idea here in Bangalore.. Anthu cheyyan
@Joseph Hahaha enthe pattiye indi commando ennu vilicho? :)
@Anon Atleast the Average Joes had a pretty neat sounding name. Yeah, still proud!
@Jean: Yep! The urvashi shaapam upakaaram thing! Good thinking! :)

Thank you so much for the comments guys! Appreciate it!


This is weird…. but I think management as cut a deal with TATA INDICOM for sponsorship, hence ‘Indi Com’mando :)


I would have loved a name like “Kochi Maharajas”. Its got history and royalty in the name. Any takers?

Sandeep D Nair

Why did they bid in Kochi’s name if they weren’t interested in the first place?


Its KOCHI TUSKERS KERALA… and the logo has also been changed…

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